Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance is essential to keep the computer running smoothly without any trouble. System maintenance is a general term that focuses on various forms of computer maintenance needed to keep a system running. There are two main components of system maintenance, these are preventive and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance should take place to prevent errors and system malfunctions, the strategy is to take measures to help keep the system functioning, whereas corrective maintenance involves repair or replacement of a system or its components after they have already failed.

Maintenance includes:

1) Data Backup - since when you backed up your data? Think of how much will you lose when your hard drive fails. How much would it cost you for recovery? and how much time you will spend to recover? Bad thing is, what about if recovery fails? Don't let this happen to you, there are ways we can backup important data. 

2) Dust Cleaning - air flows are very important to any system to keep good ventilation. There is only one way to get rid of dust - a perfect Cleaning

3) Virus and Spyware Scanning - keeping out your computer from viruses and spywares is a good indication of a healthy system. Installation and update of a good antivirus and anti-spyware system must be on top.

4) Software cleaning - it is good to have a known software installed in your system. Getting rid of unwanted software is a part of a healthy system.

5) De-fragmentation - this will organizes your data, leading to faster disk access times and improved system performance.

The company is providing capable technical personnel to do the job in maintaining your computers. We offer in-house maintenance. You just need to bring your computer equipment to the office when encountering trouble and need not to worry because our checkup is totally FREE.

During your heavy times of bringing computer equipment to the office, we bring maintenance ON-SITE for you. You can dial our office number anytime or you can fill up the form for Service Request including the details of your concern for us to initially analyze and prepare tools necessary for your request.




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